Basket Case

I learned something about myself recently: I really like baskets.

I know what you must be thinking. “You’re in your thirties and you only just figured out that you like baskets?”


You know who doesn’t like baskets though? My fiance. Of all the things to hate on this planet, he hates baskets. I don’t understand this. Baskets are not only useful, but they can be stylish, too!

Case in point:

I use baskets all over the house to store various things. Have misc. pantry items that keep things looking messy? Organize them in baskets! Want the towels to look neater? Fold ’em up pretty and stick them in a basket! Toys of the human or canine variety overunneth onto the floor? That’s right, get a damned basket!

There are so many colors and varieties of baskets nowadays that there really is no excuse for not finding the perfect one, unless you’re my fiance and clearly have no appreciation for woven objects. *sigh*

Do you guys like baskets?


Year of the Makeover

After life came to a grinding halt in 2020, this year has been all about makeovers. Sitting home all day, eating junk food and wearing yoga pants, was fun for a few weeks, but eventually things started to feel pretty stale. In an attempt to regain control, I’ve slowly been making over every nook, cranny, and neglected square inch of our home. I’ve also been working on improving some other areas of my life, as well, but we can talk more about those later.

I’m only halfway done with all of the things I want to accomplish, but it’s already made a huge difference! It’s amazing how new shelf liners and a few baskets/bins can make it feel like you’re in a completely different space.

(Before and after)

Have you given any areas of your life a makeover lately?